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Gaza and The Holocaust

Posted in: Guest Commentary
By Irwin N. Graulich
Tuesday, February 03, 2009 - 12:00:00 AM

Of course there is a direct link between Gaza and The Holocaust. Both have been used to destroy Jews. Those clever little men with the headscarves. First they deny The Holocaust, after which they say that Jews are treating the Gazans like Nazis treated the Jews during The Holocaust (which of course never happened). Well, you cannot have it both ways boys. Just lies, pure lies and more lies.

And what are the three biggest lies being told today? 1) The dog ate my homework. 2) I won't "come" in your mouth. 3) Gaza is a giant concentration camp and Gaza City is the Warsaw Ghetto.
Why have Muslims stolen Nazi terminology, which had always been associated with the persecution and genocide of Jews during WWII, turning the rhetoric completely around to describe Jewish behavior? Extermination, Nazi, SS, gas chambers, ethnic cleansing, boycott Jews, swastikas, mass murder, etc. etc., are all Hitler's terms that we currently see featured in those despicable anti-Israel demonstrations worldwide. Just listen to the politicians and media in the 48 Muslim dominated countries.
Hey, their strategy is working. The proof being that the Arabs have already successfully stolen the "Palestinian" brand which once belonged exclusively to the Jews. Now "Palestine" the word, the concept, the identity and the brand--which Jews owned, now belongs to Arabs--giving them an adopted history and instant credibility.
Check out all of Herzl's works and the early pre-1948 documentation about this Jewish State called "Palestine."  When idiotic Jews allowed this big Arafat rip off to occur in 1964 calling himself a Palestinian, the Arab and Muslim world wisely concluded, "Why should we stop here? Next, we can  steal The Holocaust terminology and use it against Israel and the Jews." How brilliant is that--and the world thought Jews were smart?
This all becomes crystal clear if we analyze one of the greatest lies in history, which coincidentally also involved Jews. It concerns the "blood libel," found in a book that is a bestseller today in virtually every Arab and Muslim country--"The Protocols of The Elders of Zion"--an infamous forgery, fraud and hoax made up by an anti-Semitic Russian writer, Matvei Golovinski.
These false accusations which actually originated 2000 years ago, should have been helpful to Jews and anyone else seeking historical truth. When you are hated and despised by so many people throughout history, you begin to question your own moral integrity--in the same way that many Americans are questioning the misplaced hatred for America throughout the world today. And yet America continues to be the most moral force in the history of the world, despite the number of American flags that are being burned in Muslim streets.
So Jews actually started to question their own moral authority in the same way that President Obama and many other Americans question America's incredible integrity over the past 8 years. The Jewish blood libel accuses Jews of killing non-Jews to bake their blood into matzos, while the American blood libel accuses this great country of being colonialists, torturers, occupiers, murderers of innocent civilians and going into Iraq for oil. Along with the anti-American media, they embellish stories about Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, Afghanistan and Iraq-- so you begin to wonder, "Perhaps there is some truth to your own mass murdering, blood lust and purposeful killing of innocent babies."
I mean, can a billion people who hated Jews throughout history be wrong and can a billion Muslims throughout the world be wrong about America. Yes, they most certainly can. Since when is morality judged by the number of people who hate you?
Both Jews and Americans should have learned from the infamous blood libel, that the enemies of decency and high moral standards will use the most vicious lies to bring them down. The truth is that the Old Testament (The Torah) is quite specific in terms of forbidding Jews to eat/drink blood, even the blood of an animal. Part of the koshering process involves salting which removes the blood.  Drinking blood is specifically forbidden in the Jewish Bible, which should have been a wake up call for Jews and non Jews who had any doubts about this false accusation.
The Arab and Muslim world has learned from Joseph Geobbels and other classic antisemites that when a lie is repeated often enough, it is believed. No wonder The Protocols are found in schools, hotels and bookstores throughout the Muslim world. Therefore, accusations about the blood libel are  actually a blessing for Jews, because it proves to everyone that there is no way possible for a Jew to murder a Christian or Muslim child and drink its blood. It is one of the biggest taboos in Judaism, and everyone knows it--which invalidates that entire book.
There is another reason that the Muslim world has felt the need to hurt and destroy Jews with Holocaust denial and Holocaust-like accusations.  Simply because those once great Arab and Muslim armies, which began their conquests in the 7th century and overran the entire Middle East, North Africa, Southern France and Spain, are today considered the weaklings of the world.
And who, pray tell, has devastated those mighty Muslim nations like no one else, totally demolishing their armies, navies, air forces and cities? Well, those weak little Jews in Israel who stand with their prayer shawls on tanks during a war, swaying in reverence to the God of Israel. Talk about being dishonored physically, emotionally and spiritually.
My God---no wonder they hate Jews so much. Honor is the greatest value in the Arab/Muslim world--and it was Jews who totally dishonored and humiliated those macho fighters in 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973, 1982, 2006 and 2009. 5 million Jews in Israel against a billion Muslims--and they cannot do a thing to Israel except spew off at the mouth.
Therefore, angry Muslims have resorted to spinning every loss into a victory. I mean, did you see the remnants of Beirut in 2006. Gaza today looks worse than Dresden, yet Iran and Maaschal of Hamas have declared "A great victory for the Palestinians." What do you say? Imagine the Nazis or Japanese declaring victory in 1945. I mean, do you believe your eyes or do you believe Ahmadinejad and Nasrallah?
In 1948, a tiny Jewish army with almost no weapons and 10 fixed wing crop dusters roundly defeated the great armies of 6 Arab countries, allowing Jews to return to their historic homeland and create a state once again. No wonder they all call Israel's founding "Nakba," The Disaster.
Iran, with all its oil revenues and weaponry, talks a big game--the scruffy little midget with the grey windbreaker keeps repeating, "We will come to the aid of the Palestinians. We will fight for them." That is truly laughable. Has Iran once launched a missile, shipped a soldier or sent an airplane to help their fellow Muslims against Israel? Of course not, because they realize the devastating consequences that would befall them.
One Syrian soldier recently fired his AK 47 rifle into Israel hitting an Israeli jeep. The Syrian soldier was immediately arrested by Syrian authorities, taken away, put into solitary confinement and tortured. Mr. Macho Assad was frightened about the potential consequences of that incident and let every Syrian soldier on the border know that a mistake along those lines will not be tolerated.
After all, Assad is interested in living a few more years. He also realizes that had it not been for Henry Kissinger's ill given orders to stop the Israelis from going any further in 1967, Damascus would now be part of Israel along with the Golan Heights.
Having lost the recent battle so overwhelmingly to Israel, Hamas and its backers have turned Gaza into a propaganda war. Israel's enemies have found its true weak spot--public relations including photos of wounded women and children. It's all over tv and the Internet.
And what has become of the native populations in England, France, Spain, Italy and the Scandanavian countries who have joined hands with the evil Muslim forces that have invaded their countries? The bulk of their citizenry are just plain frightened, preferring instead, to sit in coffee shops, looking at the women passing by and reading the daily newspaper; rather than dealing with those angry anti-Israel mobs.
It is the Stockholm Syndrome on a grand scale. Muslims living in Western countries feel totally humiliated by Israel. They read every week in their Koran how Allah has made them great warriors in order to dominate the world--and Israel continues to show that the Koran is absolutely wrong. No wonder they are screaming in the streets to "put Jews back into the ovens." Get rid of Jews and eliminate all doubts about the validity of the Koran.
One of the most important lessons to be learned from The Holocaust is that Jews are a lightning rod for evil. Throughout history, those who hated Jews have been the most despicable forces in the world. However, these groups will initially focus and obsess on the Jews, but they never end with the Jews.
9/11 came from a place that first hated Jews and Israel. The Allies had to fight WWII against the Nazis, because Nazism grew quickly from being "only" a Jewish problem. The Arab Oil embargo in 1973 was originally blamed on Israel and the Jews. Virtually all of worldwide terrorism today comes to us courtesy of Muslim countries where Israel is reviled and Jews were thrown out.
The large percentage of the Arab and Muslim world that hates Israel and Jews also considers women to be chattel. They murder their daughters in honor killings, if they do not marry the man that the father selects. They blow each other up using suicide bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan. Write something against the government or criticize a Muslim religious leader--and all that will be left at your desk is your computer.
They do not allow anyone from another country to wear a crucifix or star of David. Try bringing a Bible into any of the 48 Muslim dominated countries to pray privately in your hotel room. The Europeans, Scandanavians and South Americans who join these demonstrations for the most part enjoy using Nazi terminology to describe Israel so that it vindicates their parents and grandparents who did not battle the Nazis. After all, if Jews are shown to be as bad as the Nazis, then our relatives were not quite so bad for allowing The Holocaust to occur. 
Throughout recorded history, from Pharoah to the ancient Romans; from the Crusaders to Chemelnitzke to the Nazis to the present Arab/ Muslim World--those who hated Israel and Jews are the dark forces of evil. And those who join the Jew Haters in their demonstrations, or even keep quiet and ignore them, will be their next victims.
Hey world--when they hate better watch out yourselves, because you guys are next!!!!!!
Copyright by Irwin N. Graulich
Irwin N. Graulich is a well known motivational speaker on morality, ethics, religion and politics. He is also President and CEO of a leading  marketing, branding and communications company in New York City. He can be reached at