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One out of Three Is Better than Three out of Three

By Mark Langfan

Arutz Sheva

27 December, 2014


One child out of three below the poverty line is a challenge, but if there is a two-state solution, three out of three will be in range of Hamas rockets.

Peres and Herzog are going on the attack against Prime Minister Netanyahu because a leftist-NGO published a “report” that showed “statistically”, one out of three Israeli children live in what the NGO defines as poverty, and they blame that on Netanyahu. 

Except that if Herzog is elected, he will create a Hamas 'West Bank' State that will eradicate Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and statistically put three out of three Israeli children in range of Hamas rockets. 

Under Netanyahu, there may be some poverty that Israel can and must fight. But, under Herzog and Livni, there won’t be any Israel at all. The motto here: “Better to be a little poorer, than a lot dead.”

The Left is doing a riff on Obama’s and Lapid’s winning campaign strategies from the last elections. Obama focused on the “99%,” and Lapid focused on the “middle class.”  This time, Herzog will focus on the poorest-class. Together, Herzog and Lapid will turn the Israeli election into the Obama “99% v. the 1%” election divorced from any security issues. This way, with Labor and Lapid shooting for the poorest and middle classes, they believe there won’t be any Israeli electorate left to vote for Likud and the right-wing. This way, they ride in on the coattails of the economy, and return Israel to Abba Eban’s “Auschwitz Borders.”

The problem is unless Likud changes its tactics, the Leftist Two-State messianics may commit Israeli national suicide. This is not an election about shades of gray. This is an election about the planned annihilation of Israel by Herzog and Livni. 

To recap:

An anonymous Likud Statement read, “The left’s leaders and Shimon Peres cannot overcome Prime Minister [Benjamin] Netanyahu and Likud in the diplomatic, security and economic arena. This is their twisted way of trying to move votes from the right to the leftist camp — in order to make the concessions and withdrawals that Shimon Peres has been dreaming of for years.”

Herzog responded:

“I suggest that the various Likud spokesmen stop these cowardly and anonymous attacks on Peres, one of the giants of our country and a man with the greatest possible merits over the state’s 66 years of existence. If Likud has something to say, let them come and debate me and the path that we are presenting to resolve the serious social distress that’s been left by six years of Netanyahu’s government.”

Point 1: Herzog wins. Herzog manned-up, and defended the arch-suicidalist Peres. But that was easy. The Likud statement didn’t explain why “concessions and withdrawals” bring katyusha rockets into the WestBank, or explain how an easy rocket lob into Tel Aviv will murder statistically three out of three Tel Aviv children along with six million other Israelis. All the Likud statement did was repeat the fact that the Left wants to make concessions and create a PA State. 

Point 2: Ya’alon loses. Ya’alon’s response earlier in the week that “Herzog-Livni will create a Hamastan in the 'West Bank'.”  Well, isn’t that what a Two-State Solution is??  Where has Ya’alon added to the mix?  Nothing. He should have said, “When Hamas fires its rockets into Tel Aviv, Ben Gurion, and Highway 6 in Israel, unlike Gaza, Israel will have to reinvade the entire 'West Bank', and lose thousands of Israelis because Ben Gurion will be shut-down and the entire economy will be frozen and all the reserves will have to be called up".

"And, whatever sanctions there might be under a right-wing government, the sanctions will be multiplied by a hundred against the left-wing government that tries to reinvade the 'West Bank after a Fatah/Hamas katyusha rocket barrage decimates a Tel Aviv neighborhood."

Point 3: Unless Netanyahu and Likud stop sticking to indirect and oblique statements about the dangers of the Two-State solution, Labor’s “twisted way” of turning the election into the “99% v the 1%” instead of the Suicide-State Solution will succeed. Bibi needs to man-up and directly call Livni and Herzog delusional suicidalists who will turn the 'West Bank' into a Gaza-like ISIS/Hamas death-trap. 

If Ya’alon could call American Secretary of State John Kerry “obsessive and messianic,” he can call Livni and Herzog “obsessive and messianic” dreamers who will enable Iran’s Khamenei to “arm the 'West Bank' just like” he did the Gaza Strip, and “succeed” in “wiping Israel off the face of the map.” They should republish Khamenei’s twitter feeds.

Likud has to stop thinking Israelis actually understand security issues, or they will find themselves in the opposition with Herzog and Livni in the Rose Garden committing the Six Million Jews of Israel to another Holocaust.