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"For Zion's sake I shall not hold my peace, And for Jerusalem's sake I shall not rest."

Israel’s Role and the Way Forward

By Aaron Shuster

Daily Mailer, FrontPage

12 December, 2012




When I was a younger man, my father told me a joke that has always stuck with me. It went something like this: On his knees, the Masochist looks up at the Sadist and pleads, “Hit me, hit me!” Coolly, the Sadist looks down at the Masochist and responds with relish, “Nooooo.” 

As I matured, I began to see the nuance and depth of this joke. There is something comically brilliant in its reversal of expectation in the Sadist’s sheer enjoyment of withholding the beating that the Masochist so deeply craves. More importantly, it captures the interdependent relationship between Masochist and Sadist. They need one another to fulfill their roles just as Vladimir needs Estragon and vice versa as they perpetually wait for the ever absent Godot. 

In recent years, this joke has begun to resonate even more strongly as I began to see Israel willfully playing the role of Masochist to the world’s Sadist. Is there not some aspect of Israeli foreign policy that perversely enjoys suffering? Over and over again, Israel returns to the world stage for yet another beating, another U.N. condemnation, another soul ripping flagellation at the hands of its enemies. The only thing is that this is no joke.

This is a nightmare come to life. 

What does Israel do in response to these condemnations? After weakly protesting in the form of yet another eloquent speech, it then returns to the stage for yet another beating, “Please sire, hit me again.” Like the Rabbi of Rome summoned by the Pope in medieval times for the ceremonial slap at Easter, Israel dutifully complies to play the role of “Kike” on the world stage. After all, the only thing that unites the United Nations of the world is their blind hatred of Jews. The world needs their Emmanuel Goldstein aka Israel which brings the nations of the world together in a fury of unmitigated hatred. 

It is not out of some great love and respect of Arabs that the world unites in an unprecedented action of voting to create a spurious, Palestinian “abomi-nation.” Rather, it is out of a vehement hatred of Jews . Only eight nations other than Israel had the resolve and moral courage to vote against it. The creation of a “Palestinian” state is simply a method to tighten the noose around Israel’s neck and bring it a step closer to annihilation. It does not matter that the Arabs signed the Oslo Agreement which specifically negates such an action. In the world of Jew hatred, however, there is only one unwritten law: Everything is legal when it comes to bringing about the extinction of the Jews. 

The Jew hating nations of the world have learned their lessons well from their Nazi mentors. You see, the Nazis perfected the use of law to legitimize genocide. The Nazis were expert at writing law to first ostracize and then exterminate their Jewish victims. They comprehended that the malleable legal system can be used to justify anything. In that iniquitous tradition, the United Nations use that ignoble institution to bludgeon Israel time and time again. The creation of a spurious “Palestinian State” is merely a legalized form of Judea-cide, another nail in the coffin of Israel and Judaism. Is it any wonder that Germany, unable to truly shake off its Nazi past, “abstained” in the vote? I suppose they just can’t wait to see the Jewish question answered by their old Islamic allies. Apparently, in Deutschland, old habits die hard. 

Certainly, after years of unrelenting international Jew hatred, an unending war with their Arab neighbors, and the recent rise of the Islamic juggernaut of unprecedented immigration which is crushing an effete Europe, Israel finds itself more isolated than ever. It confronts an international malevolent behemoth of unmitigated Jew hatred. However, there is a way to defeat this beast and emerge victorious. To do this one must make vital changes in both foreign and domestic policy. Naturally, it does not hurt to have the tenacity of will to achieve it.

The first step involves changing one’s behavior and actions. You cannot keep acting the same way and expect different results. If you want to change something, you first have to change yourself. As in a Hollywood film, the protagonist’s actions define his character. Or, to put it more simply, you are what you do. 

What is Israel’s first action? How does it redefine its new character, its new persona? How does it announce itself anew to the vile and corrupt world? The answer is to be found in the past, the ultimate guide, The Torah. When the shepherd, David, hears that King Saul will reward his daughter’s hand in matrimony to any man brave enough to confront Goliath, he responds, “Would not any Jew destroy this Goliath, not for the sake of riches or for the hand of the king’s daughter, but simply to defend and sanctify God’s name and the pride of His people, which this arrogant villain dares to defile?” 

David, the shepherd steps forward not for reward, but with the understanding that “God will protect me when I go to save the dignity and fate of my people, in a fight with a vicious heathen who dared profane God’s holy name!” How many times must the world profane God’s name, Jewish pride, Jewish lives, before Israel responds in kind? 

After years of abuse, Israel acts not like a proud shepherd boy serving God and defending his people, but more like a victim of spousal abuse loyally serving a malicious husband. Israel beats its breast and complains about how the world treats it and yet always comes back for more punishment. No longer does Israel act out of pride, but out of shame. Like an oppressed shtetl Jew, Israel allows the most inhuman abuses to be heaped upon it without any serious repercussions. 

So how does Israel change its role in the world? How does it move from being the world’s whipping boy to a King David? The very first step is for Israel to leave the international house of ill-repute, the United Nations, and withdraw its membership. This first step will reverberate around the world and make all the difference. It will be the first move to redefine itself as a leader of freedom and liberty and achieving the ends it most desires: peace, security and prosperity.

* * * * * * * 

Aaron Shuster is a writer/producer/director residing in Los Angeles whose credits include the hit film, The Bank Job. He is a scholar of Middle Eastern politics and writes on foreign and domestic political issues.