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"For Zion's sake I shall not hold my peace, And for Jerusalem's sake I shall not rest."

David Basch, Research Associate

Freeman Center For Strategic Studies
December 20, 2006

"Jews are not in principle opposed to ethnic cleansing
and expulsion when the target of this is other Jews.
But they are not big on Arab expulsion, most probably
because they cringe in fear of the Arabs, hiding this
fear under a self-delusion that Jews are just "too moral"
to undertake such a policy. But now, with the Jewish ethnic
cleansing of Gaza, this idea of Jewish morality is
exposed as a form of self deception, masking a real
Stockholm Syndrome...."

What clear-eyed supporters of Israel had predicted over the past
thirty years has finally come true, certified by Daniel Pipes in his
recent article, "Israel\'s Domestic Enemy" (December 19, 2006).
prediction was made by none other than Rabbi Meir Kahane (A"H) many
years ago when he envisioned that the Arabs that the Israeli leftists
were nourishing to become fellow citizens of Israel would one day set
themselves up to be masters of the country. Rabbi Kahane said more. He
said that these Arabs would remain loyal to the causes of their fellow
Arabs, Islam and Arab nationalism, and would not jump aboard the
leftist Universalism of the Jews -- all undeniable realities today.

Rabbi Kahane was demonized as a racist in speaking these truths about
Israel\'s Arabs at a time when Jewish Israel was master of its fate.
But so convinced were the Jewish leftist zealots of their leftist
religion, that it was an ideology so attractive and persuasive, that
there was no room in the minds of leftists to conceive that, unlike
the Jews, the Arabs would not embrace this Universalism but would hold
true to their Muslim-Arab heritage that rejects the right of Israel
to exist in any form.

It is telltale of how events in Israel have evolved that now even
Daniel Pipes, a staunch supporter of the "religion" of Jewish and Arab
coexistence in Israel, now sees that this now poses a crisis for
Israel. As he observes, Israel has three types of threatening enemies:
1) Arab nations, 2) external Arabs claiming to be refugees from Israel and
the true owners of Israel\'s lands, and 3) the Muslim-Arabs of Israel. While the
latter third type is the subject of Pipes article, it is worthwhile
before discussing
Pipes view on this to focus for a few moments on the
first two threats to Israel that Pipes mentions.

As to the first of these, we find that Israel has dealt with the
problem of enemy
Arab nations very effectively, keeping these nations at bay by making them
realize that they would be demolished in a direct war against Israel.
Perhaps as a result of this, Israel has become so cocky that it has
thought that her safety and security is absolutely assured and that
she can afford to appease the Arab enemy for the sake of peace. The Arab
enemy has seized upon this opening to make this external Arab threat to
Israel more formidable as an opponent than ever before. Under a
series of leftist Israeli governments, the external Arabs have gained
legitimacy as a group with national rights to lands of the Mandate of
Palestine that have been controlled by Israel since they were captured
in the 1967 War of defense against five Arab armies.

While these Arabs had had no national existence prior to 1967 and were
referred to merely as "refugees" in the 1967 UN Resolution 242, Israeli
governments have accepted the Arab fiction that this group
constitutes a "people," a "Palestinian people," a name that ironically
begins with a letter "P" that is non existent in the Arab language.
Even Pipes participates in accepting this fiction of "Palestinians"
and uses this name in referring to them. The Arabs have lost no time
in retrojecting this fictitious "peoplehood" back to the time of the
Philistines and to claim ownership of all historic sites in the land
of Israel and the lands of Israel itself, now seen as "occupied."

The recent achievements of this Arab group has been to gain
control of lands in the Eastern highland territories of Judea and
Samaria and more recently they have acquired control of the Gaza
salient, promptly transforming the area into a military beachhead
against Israel that has as a first priority established a Hamas
controlled government and proceeded to bombard Israeli cities in
Southern Israel.

Not content with bringing about this disaster, the incorrigible
Olmert government, learning nothing from Gaza, seeks to transfer Jewish
land in the Eastern territories to these terrorists and to ethnically
cleanse Jewish
communities from these areas. This the government does in the insane
belief that establishing a new Arab state in these areas will satisfy
Arab demands against Israel, as though the Arabs do not have as their
goal the destruction of all of Israel. Thus the only "success" here for
Israel is a temporary one of a "wall" that curbs infiltrating
terrorists from entering from the Israeli lands that Israel turned
over to the terrorists but which does not prevent Arab rockets from
reaching adjacent Israeli cities and placing all of Israel in

Now we come to the latest emerging threat to Israel, the Muslim
Israelis, that Pipes discusses. Here again we find a self created
Israeli problem that has festered because the leftist religious
ideology fatuously [nothing good] assumed that these Arabs would be
transformed by leftist Universalism. In fact, they have not been
transformed, but like the Algerians, who had been Francofied for 100
years and then within a decade reverted to their Muslim-Arab culture,
the Muslim-Israelis have shown themselves to be part of the
Muslim-Arab world working to annul the existence of Israel.
It seems that the gross error made in the leftist delirium of Israeli
governments is to think of the Arab-Muslim population as a minority
when it is actually part of a majority that constitutes the 300
million Arabs of the region -- a majority that demands the vanishing
of Israel.

While two of the three alternatives Pipes poses in his article clearly
recognize the hostile emergence of Israeli Muslims, a third ignores it
and thereby turns out to be thoroughly unrealistic. The latter, which
opens the ludicrous possibility that the Muslim Israelis will embrace
Zionism, can be discounted, leaving only two Pipes\' possibilities.

The first of these is Pipes\' alternative that Israel will abandon its
Zionism. Hence, as Pipes tells us, this will lead to acceptance of the
idea of a bi-national state that Muslim Israelis are now demanding.
But this is actually a dangerous surrender for the Jews since, under a
bi-national state that will end "the law of Jewish return," Jews will
very soon be submerged by Arab control as has occurred in Lebanon.
That nation began as 90% Christian but is now 60% Muslim with its
Christian population in continuous peril. Pipes tells us that the
111,000 Israeli Muslims of 1948 Israel have since multiplied by ten.
As this continues, the future must be a fading Israel, unlike the
Panglossian assertions of the Hillel Halkins. This must be as a result
of Muslim natural growth and, in addition, illegal infiltrations by
Arabs from the hundreds of millions of the Arab world -- try and stop
them under a government that the Muslims control.

What nevertheless makes the surrender of Zionism a realistic
possibility is that there may be more than 20% of Israelis that are
already anti-Zionist, including radical leftists and certain Orthodox
sects. If these can win the day, the transformation of Israel into a
new Arab state will be accomplished without bloodshed, this is,
bloodshed to the Arabs. As to what will happen to the Jews in this new
Arab State, I shudder to think since the Jews will have no outside
supporters, unlike the Christians of Lebanon that do get support from
the Christian nations of the world. Israeli Jews that are not
outright murdered may end up expelled the way the Jews of the Arab
nations were in 1949 with not a peep from the outside world. They were
lucky that they had Israel to go to. Aside from the Mediterranean Sea,
it is hard to envision where the powerless Israeli Jews will go.

As Oliver Hardy would remark to Stan Laurel whose antics brought
the pair into an impossible dead end, "Now this is a fine kettle
of fish you have gotten us into."

But it is Pipes\' third possibility -- that Muslim Israelis will not
long remain Israeli -- which is the most likely outcome of the demands
that are being made by the now assertive Israeli Muslims. In the short
run, this is the most realistic of Pipes\' possibilities. But what
Pipes actually has in mind by this third possibility seems to have two
possible interpretations.

The first interpretation, the one less likely to come about, is that
Jewish Israelis will get wise to their condition, namely, that the
Arabs do not have peace on their agenda but Israel\'s destruction,
first and last. Here Jewish Israelis will realize that Muslim Israelis
pose a grave and immanent threat. This will move Jewish Israelis,
for the sake of peace, to expel the dangerous hostile Arab population
from their midst, with, perhaps, its going to the lands that Israel
wants to surrender to the terrorists or to Arab lands beyond.

As we have recently observed, Jews (and even the U.S. government) are not
in principle opposed to ethnic cleansing and expulsion when the target of this
is Jews. But Jews are not big on Arab expulsion, most probably because they
cringe in fear of the Arabs, hiding this fear under a self-delusion
that Jews are just "too moral" to undertake such a policy. But now, in the wake
of the Jewish ethnic cleansing of Gaza, this idea of Jewish morality is
exposed as a form of self deception, masking a real Stockholm
Syndrome. This must have been rampant among Israeli Jews since it has
been leading them progressively to embrace the goals of the
frightening Arab enemies as their own values, as is the observed consequence
on those so afflicted with the Stockholm Syndrome. Thus, there is no
Jewish morality
here but only the effects of deep fear of the Arabs.

Hence, ethnic cleansing of the Arabs is not a path that the majority
of leftist Israeli Jews can be expected to follow. Even if war were
imposed on Israel, it is likely that in victory, Israeli Jews will
resurrect the enemy with new appeasements that will enable them to try
again to destroy Israel, as has been Israeli practice for many

The more realistic interpretation of the path opened by Pipes\' third
possibility -- that the Muslim Arabs will not remain Israeli for long
-- is that the Arabs will rise in rebellion against Israeli authority,
just as the Arabs did against the Christian authority in Lebanon, and
a murderous civil war will erupt in Israel for control of the state.
Given the Arab penchant to express their Islam in the form of
conquest, Arabs chomp at the bit, looking forward to this vision of
military triumph against the hated Jewish foe that they believe they
can vanquish. It can be expected that this will bring the Muslim
Israelis assistance from the Arabs of the territories and from Muslim
Arabs far and wide -- assistance from the outside of the kind that is
evident to U.S. forces fighting in Iraq -- wearing Israel down in a
continuous war of attrition. Thus does Bush\'s stupid support of a
new Arab state that will inevitably be terrorist and opposed to the existence
of Israel aid the Arab terrorists. The reality is that Arabs need Israel\'s
destruction before any form of democracy, something that Bush\'s
shallow understanding makes him overlook.

The fact has been that the existence of Israel had been conditioned on
the ability of Israel to militarily compel the Arab world to accept
its existence. But given the Israeli delusions over decades that
Israelis can dispense with the margin that strategic territory has
given them since 1967 and that Muslim Israelis will accept the
existence of Israel even when they have the option to side with their
brother Arabs in destroying Israel, Israel\'s existence has now become
problematic. The in-close enemy, brought in close by fanatic leftist
Israeli governments through a parade of appeasements, is now a mortal
danger to the existence of Israel.

Unless there is a new burst of realism about the nature of the implacable,
determined Arab enemy of a kind that has been unknown in Israel since the beginning of the state -- that is, unless this realization comes
flooding into Israeli consciousness -- the sooner will a realistic -- not a
self-delusionary moralistic
-- approach to the issue of Israeli survival begin to be instituted
and threats to the nation dealt with, as Pipes thinks they soon must.

As to how these issues will turn out now -- will Israel overcome? -- remains in grave doubt, thanks to the incompetence of the current Olmert
government and the long line of Israeli delusionary leaders, characterologically warped by their leftist ideology to be blind to the implacable Arab threat, and to lead
the nation to its destruction.

Only a new, effective, clear-eyed
leadership can save Israel now, one willing to see that so called American friends like Bushare too blinded by oil politics to be helpful to Israel\'s future. Are Israel\'s people up tothe task of confronting their fate? The answer to this does not seem to be long in coming, as Pipes has warned.