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 "We Hold These WikiTruths. . . ."

By Mark Langfan
December 12, 2010
"We hold these WikiTruths to be self-evident, that all countries (except for the Islamic Republic of Turkey) fear, even, a non-nuclear Iran, that they are all endowed by the United States of America with the right to survive . . .well, maybe at least until next week." There has been "shock and awe" that the Sunni Arab states of Saudi Arabia and Egypt are absolutely convinced, and actually "obsessively" fear that the Iranian/Persian Shiites intend to wipe these Sunni arab states out of existence as completely as Iran intends to wipe out the Israel. The reality and practical consequences of this simple WikiTruth axiom has far from settled into the rarified airs of Western policy elites. In fact, some ersatzjournalists and pundits still write articles as if we still live in a pre-Wikileaks "reality."
To all the Sunni Arab States, Russia, and the entire West, the reality is that there really is a grave waxing Iranian threat. For the United States not to immediately recalculate all its foreign and order of battle security policy from this inescapable WikiTruth in 2010 is as "delusional" and fatal to world peace as was the belief that somehow Hitler wasn’t a grave and imminent threat to world peace in 1939.
This WikiTruth of the Iranian/Persian Eastern threat has two immediate consequences that explain two otherwise unexplainable events: Firstly, Abbas’ "pre-condition" of a total Israeli settlement freeze, and secondly, Obama’s euthanization, and proper burial of the "Peace Process." Two years ago, both were inconceivable, but today both are the undeniable reality.
Firstly, why does Abbas want to ensure the Palestinians and Israelis (who live 10.5 seconds from each, and who talk to each other all the time) never talk? By the PA requiring a new precondition of a total settlement freeze including Jerusalem, Abbas is demanding what even Arafat never dreamed of demanding. In fact, Abbas has been roundly criticized on this "dead-end" negotiating strategy by, not only the Arab press, but also, lately by no less a rejectionist personage than President Bashar al-Assad of Syria. Abbas knows he has made Bibi an "offer" Bibi can easily and reasonably refuse, and, thus, has given Bibi a "get out of the "Peace Process" jail" pass for free. What is going on?
The WikiTruth is that Abbas is not afraid of Israel, Abbas is afraid of the Iranian Hamas. Abbas knows that the day the Palestinian Authority gets even half a loaf of the West Bank, Hamas will do to the PA in the West Bank what Hamas did to the PA in Gaza: annihilate it. Therefore, the WikiTruth is that the PA is not afraid of not getting the West Bank from Israel, but having the West Bank militarily seized from the PA by Hamas. In short, three-quarters of a West Bank loaf for the PA is only worse than no West Bank loaf for the PA, if PA knows that their three-quarters West Bank loaf will be immediately and permanently stolen by the Iranian Hamas. Abbas knows only too well that the "Dayton’s Boys" of the West Bank will protect the PA in the West Bank as well as Dayton’s Boys of Gaza defended the PA in Gaza (i.e. not at all).
To add further WikiReality to this fact, Jordan Saudi Arabia, and Egypt are all much more afraid of an Iranian Hamas West Bank state than even Abbas is afraid of a Hamas West Bank State. These Sunni arab countries know perfectly well that Iran will immediately "hijack" the nascent West Bank PA state, and then directly threaten the entire Sunni Ummah even more then the kidnapped Gaza Hamas state now threatens Egypt. Thus, a "peace" deal creating a Palestinian West Bank state will not only not be the cornerstone for a comprehensive Middle East peace, but rather it will serve as a military beachhead for the Iranian "snake" to destroy the semi-stable Sunni states. How long will Jordan last in the face of an Iranian
Hamas West Bank state to its West? Ask Egypt that is now dealing with the Iranian outlierprovince of Islamic Republic of Hamas Gaza. The only reason there is now a "blockade" on Islamic Republic of Hamas Gaza is because Muslim Egypt is actually blockading Muslim Gaza more than Israel is. Maybe Turkey should try to run the Gaza blockade from the Egyptian-controlled side and see what happens to Turkey’s "peace-loving, freedom-loving" blockade runners.
Which brings us to the really, really big WikiTruth: in 2010, President Obama has become the Dr. Kevorkian of the "Peace Process," and has put the Middle East Peace Process mercifully "to sleep." How and why has the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize winner gone from the 2008 personally and directly excoriating US President fulminating that "all settlements must be frozen including Jerusalem" of two years ago to the indirect 2010 December US State Department spokesperson who mildly suggests the US doesn’t ""condone" Israeli settlement activity" of today? In a word, "Turkey."
The tactical WikiTruth cabled cliché is that "Turkey isn’t reliable." What does this strategically mean in the Pentagon’s Middle East military order of battle calculus? Everything, and everything, and more everything. For if: 1. "Ahmadinejad is Hitler." 2. Then, Iraq of 2004-2011 is to Iran, as Belgium of May 1940 was to Nazi Germany. 3. Then, Saudi Arabia and the entire Saudi Peninsula is to Iran in 2012, as France was to Nazi Germany of June 1940. 4. Ergo, without a "reliable" Turkey acting as the militarily quickly scalable USEUCOM air-bridge logistics node to USCENTCOM, Israel is as militarily valuable to the US as the only dependable eastward logistics node of the US in the defense of Saudi Arabia against Iran in 2012, as only Great Britain was to the US in the defense of France from 1940-1945.
In the post-Wikileaks world, the Walt/Mearsheimer "In Post-Cold War world, Israel isn’t a strategic US military ally" argument is DOA. And the "Israel is an albatross" theory is forcibly displaced with the WikiTruth that "Israel is the US’ one and only dependable go-to military logistics node capable of actually supporting a real-time US defense of the Saudi Peninsula which holds over 3/4s of the World’s remaining oil supply." Now, the Pentagon does very much care if the Iranian Hamas are capable of firing hundreds of phosphorus-warheaded katyushas into the Israeli air bases of central Israel exactly when the Pentagon, under a DefCon One, needs to massively use those air bases to emergency transit eastward battalions of hot 101st Airborne and Marine troops, and hundreds of C-17 Globemaster military cargo planes to a Saudi Peninsula that is under an actual full-scale military attack by Iran. But most importantly, the Pentagon and the Sunni Ummah desperately need the two-hour mobilizable order of battle represented by the many hundreds of Israeli Air Force pilots and F-16s to create, shape, and protect the 3-dimensional airspace corridor from USEUCOM and NATO to the USCENTCOM’s Saudi theater of operations.
In conclusion, WikiLeaks has irretrievably outed the Neville Chamberlain-like Big Lie that "A West Bank Palestinian State is a pre-condition to the Sunni Arab states’ acquiescence to an Israeli attack on Iran," and replaced it with the WikiTruth that "A self-defensible integral Israel is an absolute military pre-condition to any actual US military defense of Saudi Arabia, the entire Sunni Ummah, and the free world from a full-scale attack by Iran."
For, as Wikileaks also revealed, our precious men and women in uniform have been and are, at this very moment, fighting, being maimed, and dying in a de facto war Iran is waging against us at least since 2004. The political elites better wake up, and fast.