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Sarah Palin: The Frontier Lady

by Gail Meir

Freeman Center Middle East Analyst & Commentator 


I have been pondering the MSM Main Stream Media’s hostility to Sarah Palin. It’s as if they have assigned themselves a vendetta - as if, somehow, Palin has threatened them.

Others like some so-called Feminists similarly seem to feel threatened and lash out like feral cats. What is it in Sarah Palin that brings out the claws in their vicious attacks?

Strangely, men, real men, found her attractive as a candidate while the pundits of News TV acted as if their personal masculinity was under assault.

I began the process of analyzing how she appeared to different segments of the public and came to some conclusions.

Sarah Palin is clearly similar to those women and men who some might call "Frontier Folk". One can see her side-by-side with her husband, braving the dangers of moving westward in a wagon train. Clearly, she would be competent to live the life of early Americans who lived on small land grants, farming, willing and capable to chop her own wood, build an efficient cooking fire and boil up greens for the family’s dinner.

When the Media Paparazzi film her hiking with her husband in snow shoes, fishing or speaking about moose steaks which she may have shot herself and stocked her family’s freezer for the Alaskan winters, all hell breaks loose among the "elite".

How vulgar; how distasteful; how unlike dining at Club 21. 

The media pundits feel tingling in their untouchables as if Sarah is somehow patting them down and find their untouchables gone.

As for the ladies, how does she look so attractive while being a Mama Grizzly at the same time?

Clearly, Sarah Palin is a throwback to yesteryear where women stood shoulder-to-shoulder with her husband as American pioneers as equals. We honor those who built the country even if they wore buckskin and coon-skin hats - just to stay warm.

Women were not just wives. They were partners sharing hard productive lives with dangers and, like Sarah, could shoot a moose, skin it and weave homespun clothes.

Granted, there were no Bloomingdales or Elizabeth Arden to tenderize delicate skin, polish nails or make one’s hair into a statement of sophistication.

The men also worked to provide and didn’t own suits of fine wool, tailored to perfection. Granted, men no longer went into the forest to shoot deer and turkeys for subsistence. Now they go to Washington and hunt each other, often with killer instincts with the game being dollars.

One can begin to understand the jealousy and envy directed toward Sarah Palin as she says it like it is. Who wants to compete with the equivalent of a frontier woman who actually loves her country and is willing to fight for it.

We all know what goes on in Congress and the White House. It isn’t pretty. Along come someone willing to tell us how dirty things really are and she may be hated for her candor. I would rather have Sarah Palin face down Medvedev or Putin of Russia than have an Obama wriggling like a puppy, desperate to please, bowing down to the Saudi King - even when America is taken for a paper tiger.

Regrettably, the Congress and Presidents of the recent past have brought little honor to the American nations. Sniveling and dirty tricks behind closed doors are just not in Sarah Palin’s makeup. She could never be compared to a Pelosi, Reid or Obama. I would love to hear Sarah Palin tell Pelosi to take a hike and don’t let the door smack your bony behind on the way out. Of course, Sarah is a real lady and would not use such descriptive language but, on the other hand....!!

Americans once had admirable heroes who had steel spines who loved their country. Then came the politicians, the media hustlers who could pronounce the word "honor" with a straight face.

So, along comes a genuine heroine, who portrays the sterling character of those early pioneers, willing to say America has lost her way. But, we hear from the emasculated Media, the Feminists, the infamous politicians that Sarah Palin isn’t as smart and competent as all of us. We know how to run the country even if America is broke!!! 

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Please forward this directly to Sarah Palin if you have her correct Email Address & also to Glenn Beck.