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"For Zion's sake I shall not hold my peace, And for Jerusalem's sake I shall not rest."

by Erin O'Reilly

Bernard J. Shapiro
Lecture to be held on Labor Day evening,
Monday, September 7th at 7:30 pm --
Marriot Westchase Hotel, Houston
2900 Briarpark Drive (1 mile West of the Beltway)

Bernard J Shapiro

Mr. Shapiro is Chairman of the Freeman Center for Strategic Studies
Shapiro is also the editor of The Maccabean Online, 
an internet magazine which reaches tens of thousands around the world, 
the Freemanlist, an email broadcast service, and the Freeman Blog. He 
has been a student, lecturer, writer, and advocate for Israel for over 
50 years.

It will be a great honor to hear Mr. Shapiro speak to us about Israel, 
providing an invaluable analysis during these critical times. He will 
present perspectives on his areas of specialty: relevant military, 
strategic, and political matters. He will discuss various aspects of 
Israel's security, foreign and economic policies, and Israel's 
relationship with America and President Obama. Essential to Israel's 
survival, Shapiro feels, is the preservation of its present secure 
borders including Judea, Samaria, and the Golan Heights. He will 
portray Israel in the proper context of its 3,500 year history and its 
unique Jewish religion.

Shapiro says,
"The primary purpose of the Freeman Center is to improve Israel's 
ability to survive in a hostile world. This will be accomplished 
through research into the military and strategic issues related to the 
Arab-Israeli conflict and Islamic terrorism and the dissemination of 
that information to the Jewish and non-Jewish community. Essential to 
Israel's survival, we feel, is the preservation of its present secure 
borders including Judea, Samaria, Gaza, and the Golan Heights. We will 
be strong allies of America in our common War against International 
Islamic terrorism. We will seek to improve Israel's image in this 
country as well as counteract Arab propaganda in the community and on 
college campuses. In pursuit of these goals we intend to maximize 
solidarity with Israel among both the Jewish and non-Jewish community 
and combat media bias. We will also work to strengthen Jewish 
communities in the Diaspora and help ensure their survival."
The discussion is relevant to everyone, not just those of Jewish 
background. Israel's status impacts the world and concerns people of 
all faiths. In fact, the Freeman Center has established a relationship 
with both the Christian Zionist, Hindu, and black communities, and was 
the first Jewish organization in Houston to do so.

The views of the Freeman Center may not be popular, having been 
shunned by many in the organized Jewish community. And you may not 
agree with what Mr. Shapiro has to say, but whether you agree with him 
or not, it is still important for Houstonians to hear him speak. The 
Harsh Reality of his message has repeatedly proven correct.

The Freeman Center has issued many accurate statements and predictions 
over time, often a lone and courageous voice amid a clamor of 
political correctness. In 1993, it was the only Jewish organization in 
Houston to express dissent to the Oslo agreement, issuing a press 
release on September 2 exposing it as a hoax which would not bring 
peace. It opposed the expulsion of Jews from Gaza and exposed the 
plots of the Labor Party (now Kadima) for the division of Jerusalem. 
The Freeman Center warned the Jewish community and the nation about 
Obama's Islamic, anti-Semitic, and radical extreme leftist connections.

The Freeman Center works to combat and counteract Arab propaganda, 
which is full of slanders and libels, and the media bias against 
Israel. These and the rewriting of history are all working to the same 
end: to make Israel appear illegitimate. Israel is the only country 
considered by many to be guilty of original sin by virtue of its very 
existence. This process of de-legitimation has as its goal creating a 
world climate in which the destruction of Israel is acceptable. Many 
in the Jewish community are either apathetic or fail to recognize this 

This may be Mr. Shapiro's last public lecture, as he is suffering from 
renal and cardiac problems. Shapiro has a proven record in the past on 
analyzing events in the Middle East. Houstonians now have an 
opportunity to hear his expert analysis on Israel's future struggle 
for security and survival.

The lecture will be held on Labor Day evening, Monday, September 7th, 
at 7:30pm at the Marriot Westchase Hotel (Houston), 2900 Briarpark 
Drive (one mile west of the Beltway).

Seating is limited. Please come early.

For more information, see ads in the Jewish Herald-Voice (Houston) on 
August 27th and September 3rd.



Bernard J. Shapiro was born in Houston, Texas and received his higher 
education at the University of California at Berkeley, where he 
received degrees in both Political Science and in Communication and 
Public Policy. Shapiro lived in Israel for several years following 
graduation and has traveled there dozens of times to remain abreast of 
current developments. He wrote the NEWS, VIEW, & REVIEWS column in the 
Jewish Herald-Voice from 1990-1995.
"I founded the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies in order to create 
a powerful voice to arouse the Jewish and non-Jewish community to the 
action necessary to frustrate the evil designs of the enemies of 
Israel. I need your help to accomplish this mission." ....Bernard J. 


Erin O'Reilly is a freelance writer. She is presently employed as an 
associate editor at The Freeman Center and is working on The Collected 
Works of Bernard Shapiro (1996 - 2009).