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"For Zion's sake I shall not hold my peace, And for Jerusalem's sake I shall not rest."

Israel: From War and Servitude to Freedom
  Prof. Paul Eidelberg
Fools aside, everyone knows that Israel is at war with the Palestinian Authority. Whatever the machinations of Fatah-leader Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas-leader Ismail Haniyah, both villains are committed to Israel \'s annihilation.  
That many of Israel\'s own Arab citizens have long been participating in this war against the Jews has been ignored by various Israeli governments, Left and Right-if I may use these obsolete terms.  Arabs freely traverse the roads assaulting Jewish vehicles; they brazenly fly the flag of PLO; and the Olmert-Livni-Mofaz government blinks.
Sderot has been depopulated, Iranian weapons flow into Gaza and are smuggled thence to Judea and Samaria .  Soon every city in Israel may become another Sderot, and the Olmert-Livni-Mofaz government blinks.  
This cockamamie government is just a collection of political liars and crooks-Likud turncoats and other hacks paid by the overtaxed citizens of Israel .  Under this corrupt and craven government, the IDF behaves more like the police on horses than as a war machine.  It\'s primary mission, it seems, is to expel Jews from their homes rather than destroy Israel \'s enemies.  
Meanwhile, the so-called opposition parties twiddle their thumbs, more cretins paid for political correctness or impotence.  That\'s democracy, Israeli style, where all parties jockey for place, perks, and power, lusting for the control of various ministries-thiefdoms by which, under color of law, they rob Jews of their money.   David Ben-Gurion said this many years ago, when the Left was the Left, and the Right was the Right.  Today the Left is devoid of any ideology-just a bunch of paltry power-seekers.  As for the Right, it\'s an embarrassment: the less said about it the better. 
Such is the shoddiness and fragmentation of politics in Israel that one begins to wonder whether Israel is a state.  Perhaps the "State of Israel" is an illusion?  Perhaps the Proclamation of the State of Israel of 1948 is a travesty?
What, indeed, is a "state"?  My dictionary tells me that a state is "a politically independent entity representing a people and occupying a definite territory."  This definition of a state contains three elements.  (1) A state must be a politically independent entity; (2) this entity must represent a people; and (3) this people must occupy a definite territory.  Let\'s apply this definition to Israel .
(1)  Far from being a politically independent entity, the State of Israel-judging from the behavior of its ruling elites-seems tied by an umbilical cord to the United States .  Israeli prime ministers slavishly imitate the lifestyle and diplomacy of that great democracy.  They lie to us about peace while they lick the boots of Arab despots.  Yesterday it was Yasser Arafat, today it\'s Mahmoud Abbas.  And notice how pathetically concerned Israeli prime ministers are about "world opinion."   Do you really believe that this reputed state is a "politically independent entity"?  
(2)  As for its representing the people-that too is a lie, to endow the government with legitimacy and its ruling elites with respectability, especially in the United States, where Zionist organizations are so fond of purveying and profiting from the Myth of Israeli Democracy.  How can this so-called state represent the people when the so-called people are divided into a dozen and more parties?
Besides, what is a "people"?  In defining a people, the Torah makes a distinction between an Ahm and a Goy.  Whereas an Ahm signifies a collectivity united by a religious heritage, Goy signifies a collectivity united only on the basis of a common territory or homeland.  
Let us therefore define a people as a monocultural entity united not only by language, but by shared beliefs and values rooted in a common and immemorial past.   Have you bumped into such a people lately in the Land of Israel ?   
Okay, let\'s confine things to Jews and Arabs.  Inasmuch as the Jews and Arabs inhabiting this land have antagonistic beliefs and values, the State represents not an Ahm but a Goy.  This reminds me of a remarks attributed to Senator Barack Obama, that America is not a Christian nation but a nation of Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists and what have you-which makes America a Goyishe state.
Any way, those who control the political and judicial institutions of the Goyishe State of Israel represent only themselves or their party factions.  Consider the Knesset:  Many MKs hop from one party to another and thus betray those who originally voted for their parties.  Since they are not individually elected by, or accountable to, the voters in constituency elections, these MKs - including cabinet ministers - can ignore the voters with impunity.  Thus, when Meretz MK Yossi Beilin was a member of the Labor Party, he brazenly said at a meeting of Labor\'s Central Committee:  "When have we ever listened to the people?"  Did Ariel Sharon listen to the people when he nullified the January 2003 election by adopting Labor\'s policy of "unilateral disengagement"?  Just think: Sharon ended up as a disciple of Yossi Beilin!
Beilin does not regard himself as a member of the Jewish people; he\'s too enlightened for such tribalism.  Beilin reminds me of the Illuminati ensconced in Israel \'s Supreme Court, whose former court president, Aharon Barak, brazenly admitted that the court represents Israel \'s "enlightened population."  These "enlightened" ones are ultra-secularists, a small minority of the population-the geniuses responsible for the Oslo disaster.  These geniuses are indeed represented by the priests of Israel \'s Supreme Court.
This priesthood substitutes its own neo-pagan predilections for the beliefs and values of the Jewish sages of old, beliefs and values still cherished by a number of Jews far surpassing in number what Judge Barak calls the "Enlightened population."  But the Court regards this population as multicultural.  For the ruling elites, Israel has no distinctive Jewish character; it is merely a collection of discordant ethnic and religious groups.  It\'s not an Ahm but a Goy!
(3)  Finally, contrary to the above definition of a state, which requires the people to occupy "a definite territory," Israel \'s borders are not at all definite.  The 250,000 Israelis residing in Judea and Samaria may soon be under the control of the Palestinian terrorist Authority.  Virtually all parties in the Knesset support the castrating policy of "territory for peace." It logically follows that these parties will surrender territory whenever Arabs threaten war!
  The conclusion is inescapable:  What is called the "State of Israel" does not contain any of the elements of a genuine state.   The State of Israel is a fiction-a fiction exploited by its political elites, especially those connected to tycoons hither and yon.
But don\'t be alarmed or alienated by my cynicism.  Since Israel is for the taking, it presents a marvelous opportunity to people with intellectual venture capital and ambition!  A full-scale, unambiguous war is going to break out as Hamas and Fatah acquire more and deadlier weapons.  Hence, let me address some stouthearted Jews: Prepare a shadow government for that revolutionary moment.  You can replace Israel \'s decadent leadership and its equally decrepit opposition parties.  You can liberate Israel from the illusion of making peace with Arab thugs.  You can rejuvenate the IDF and destroy Israel \'s enemies, who have so long afflicted the Jewish people.  Employ overwhelming and even disproportionate force so that these disciples of Muhammad will never again raise their scornful heads.
You can establish a new form of government.  Terminate Israel \'s multiparty thiefdom.  Empower the people, so that their sacred beliefs and values may again provide the foundation for pubic law and foreign policy.  
With the enemy vanquished, and the government cleansed of its political cesspool, no longer will Israel be enthralled by the United States .  At last, Israel , the God-bearing nation, will come into its own-free! 
To the young and bold of heart:  Prepare for this revolution NOW and say TO HELL WITH THE POLITICS THAT HAS STUPEFIED AND CORRUPTED OUR COUNTRY!
  *Edited transcript of the Eidelberg Report, Israel National Radio, 18 August 2008.