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Paying an Installment on the Bill

by David Basch

18 August, 2011

"Tit for tat responses by Israel -- the standard Israeli response
to attack -- is merely an encouragement of the enemy."

Israel this morning is paying another installment on the bill she
incurred when she surrendered Gaza to the enemy and enabled Gaza to
become a dangerous Arab military base.

This fact needs to be called loudly to the attention of Israelis, who
are among the most liberal, ideologically obsessed persons on earth.
They have all too often followed the rosy line of the leftists that
have led the nation to blunder after blunder, surrendering land,
diplomatic posture, and moral standing. Confidence in the leftist
way should have already been scuttled by its dismal failures.

I remember how a number of years ago, when a very liberal Israeli
family suffered the terrorist murder of their son, the family reacted
to the tragedy by publicly announcing that, despite it all, they were
holding to their belief that peace is possible and is to be sought
with the Arab terrorists. The added tragedy was that the family had
learned nothing from their tragic chastening by reality. It bespoke of
Israeli citizens poorly led and blind to the nature of their enemy.

Reading Susan Hattis Rolef article in J Post this morning, she
mentions that Israelis are demanding from PM Netanyahu with respect to
the Palestinian Arabs that Israel "initiate" action, "not just react."
But Rolef's idea of reacting seems to be more appeasement, the kind
that led to the surrender of Gaza and the opening up of the Arab
southern front against Israel. The latest installment on the
consequences of this latter shameful surrender occurred in today's
incident near Eilat that has cost possibly another ten Israeli lives
and scores of wounded, not to mention debilitating fear.

I personally don't know what specific steps Israel ought to take
henceforth. But, clearly, Israel's old Panglossian ways will not
suffice. Israel faces an enemy that means business -- the business
being Israel's total destruction. This fixed Arab goal will not be
changed by Israeli appeasements. Attempting to do so will only make
certain that the Arab goal will be achieved.

Many Israelis had already learned that lesson decades ago but it had
scarcely penetrated the skulls of the leaders of the elite political
parties. It is past due that Israeli governments catch up with these
people. Unfortunately, government statements and policies to date do
not appear to be very encouraging. These are largely restricted to the
equivalent of rapping the knuckles of the enemy and of cravenly
imploring the implacable enemy to "see reason" and "negotiate terms
for peace," despite the fact that the Arab enemy has never done so,
except as part of programs of wilfull deception that have worked on
credulous Israeli authorities just about every time. Tit for tat
responses by Israel -- the standard Israeli response to attack -- is
merely an encouragement of the enemy.

As long as military victory is not the goal, as it is for the Arabs,
what Israelis see now is what they will be getting forevermore, that
is, as long as Israel exists on her way down toward oblivion. And
don't ask me what victory is. If Israel's elected leaders and military
leaders don't know, then Israel's people need a full changeover.

If Israel is to stand up to the dangers ahead, the country needs a
cracker-jack team heading the military, a team capable of recognizing
and initiating action to improve Israel's strategic and military
situation. It will not do for Israel to limp along with routine,
go-along, unimaginative, military leaders that are not up to the job
ahead of safeguarding Israel'as future. If these came into their
positions by politics and not by past, sterling military performance,
then this could be a fatal deficiency for the country.

Also needed is for Israel's government to level with its people about
the dangerous situation and of the implacable nature of the Arab
enemy. This is not the time for delusions about this enemy. The prime
minister must use his bully pulpit and his ministries of communication
to jolt Israel's citizens from their illusions about peace with this
enemy through appeasement. In this way, the government will be
bypassing the misinformation and pro-enemy propaganda that spews from
the pages of the Israeli daily newspapers that have sapped the
strength and hope from the people.

The situation facing Israel is too dire to be sugar-coated and calls
for Israelis to gird up their loins to meet the threats -- a fortitude
that Israeli people have invariably demonstrated when challenged by
the enemy in the past. With the proper leadership at Israel's helm, it
is the enemy that will perish.