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Dear Prime Minister Olmert: Please do NOT stop the katyushas! (Letter from Haifa)

An Open Letter to Prime Minister Ehud Olmert
by Steven Plaut

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Dear Prime Minister Olmert:

I am writing this to you to beg that you NOT stop the katyushas from
falling on me and my family in Haifa by means of the proposed ceasefire.
I and my family, including my children, live in Haifa, which has been
hit by hundreds of rockets, out of the 4000 missiles fired into Israel these
past five weeks. The proposed ceasefire you evidently are considering
agreeing to is an Israeli capitulation. We do not believe it will lead to
the dismemberment of Hezbollah terrorism and arrest of terrorists. And, in
particular, it would cease the hostilities without the immediate return of
the two Israeli soldiers kidnapped by the Hezbollah terrorists.

Mr. Prime Minister, if I have to choose between the proposed ceasefire,
which would leave the two kidnapped soldiers in Hezbollah captivity to
become two new Ron Arads, disappearing forever into the bowels of the terror
netherworld, or to continue being the recipient of hundreds more katyushas
over coming weeks until the soldiers are released, then Mister Prime

Do NOT stop the katyushas falling on me and my family by abandoning the
soldiers to such a fate. Do not be concerned about me and my children we
will cope. Our upper lips are as stiff as they come. Like the British in
the 40s, we will grin and bear the blitz that the Israeli Labor Party, led
by Ehud Barak, is raining down upon us from Lebanon. So just let the blitz
continue, only do NOT agree to any ceasefire capitulations!

Do NOT abandon the two soldiers on OUR account! In fact, if anything,
we demand other preconditions for a ceasefire not included in what the UN
has brokered. Refraining from firing rockets at us is NOT ENOUGH!
We prefer to be targeted by kayushas to abandoning Ron Arad himself. Do
not agree to a ceasefire unless he is turned over to us. Do not agree to a
ceasefire until Nasrallah himself is turned over to Israel, or at least his
head is. And should he be turned over, then you must summarily execute him
at once and bury him in a pig skin. The Lebanese do not agree to those
conditions? Fine � then let the katyushas on Haifa continue, the important
thing being that the military operations against the Hezbollah continue!

We in Haifa deny you permission to trade our safety for a premature end
to the fighting! If you choose the path of cowardice, like all your
political predecessors in Israel did these past two decades, then do NOT say
you are doing so on OUR behalf! You do so on your own and in your own
name, not in ours. We choose more katyushas to capitulation and

Israel has been given a choice between capitulations and more
katyushas; we choose the missiles!

Sincerely yours,

On behalf of the Plaut Family and all Zionists in Haifa