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"For Zion's sake I shall not hold my peace, And for Jerusalem's sake I shall not rest."


by Emanuel A. Winston, Mid East Analyst & Commentator

One can only be reminded of the tenacity of the Jewish fighters in the Polish Ghettos, especially Warsaw, against such incredible forces of the well-armed Nazis.

The heroes of the Gush Katif March fought the heat, lack of water, violations of the right to peaceful protest by Sharon’s legions. The Sharon Police and Army forces confiscated bus drivers licenses, keys and threatened them that they would never work again if they drove their chartered passengers anyway. The Sharon Police and Army strung razor barbed wire and iron fencing to stop these intrepid marchers.

Sharon’s thousands of Police and Army may stop the valiant marchers with baby strollers, young children and elderly who walked without their buses but, left an indelible stain on Sharon’s ‘Democracy’. Photos available on line commemorate their bravery, despite the brutality of the Police and Soldiers who beat them, with constant assaults - even when they were arrested. But, Sharon will not have won. He and his thugs will never be forgotten and this fight was only the first skirmish.

Adolph Hitler crushed the fighters in the Warsaw Ghetto but, he too did not ultimately win. I am not necessarily comparing Sharon to Hitler because he is after all, just evicting, evacuating and deporting 10,000 Jewish men, women and children - not killing them...yet - he is making them and Jews ‘inside’ the "Green Line" more vulnerable to brazen attacks by Terrorists.

Sharon will be remembered and hated, along with all those who supported his spoiler role in dividing the nation. I still expect to see HaShem’s Hand come down on the bull-like neck of this tyrant and his followers. But, let no Jewish hand be raised against this scum, lest it be contaminated by the touch.

Hopefully, we will see HaShem unleash a plague equal to those he hit Pharaoh with, against all those who made themselves the enemies of the Jewish people. Here I not only include Sharon’s band of corruption but also those nations who have assisted, funded and supplied the Arab Muslims to arm and fight. Did you not see the Muslims as a plague against all of the non-Muslim nations? Did you not see HaShem’s Hand as gigantic storms have been hurled at the nations, including America under President George Bush? HaShem has plenty of time to stoke the fires of the sun so the nations burn in drought and fire and the crops die.

In Israel, they too are feeling HaShem’s wrath as they bow to the wishes of a Rasha (wicked ruler) . Except for the Remnant who defy the Rasha and the Rashayim (his followers) who will pay a terrible price . Some will remember how many Jews were slaughtered when they followed the advise of the spies and only later tried to advance into the Land HaShem had offered to them. They were chased and slaughtered by the pagans because they abandoned HaShem.

Now, once again a corrupt Rasha, Israel’s Prime Minister Ariel (Arik) Sharon, follows the demands of other Rashas in America to abandon the Land and pagans of Islam begin to pour rocket fire on the cities of the un-Jewish, they also will try to advance but, HaShem will not be with them. They too will be slaughtered in huge numbers and only the valorous Remnant will survive.

One does not have to be a prophet to see what is coming in the near future. Mankind is spiraling down to a level where he is irretrievably disgusting in the eyes of HaShem. When we see so-called Jewish rabbis promoting marriage between man and man, we are already at the bottom of the proverbial barrel of decadence.

There are always some noble men and women who reject the wicked (Rashas and their Rashayim followers). Here we find the Orange Revolutionary Marchers for Gush Katif. These are patriotic Jews from all over Israel and who are pouring in from all over the world. Even in the Tel Aviv, people have been enthusiastic about painting their belongings "Orange". The "Orange" Revolution worked for the Ukraine who supported Yevshenko. Gush Katif picked Orange as their identifying color for the setting sun over their Riviera-like beach and sand dunes, the oranges they planted..... These are the Remnant of the higher level Jewish people. Like the spirit of the Jewish fighters of the Warsaw Ghetto and those who won the War of Independence against the assault of well-equipped Arab Muslim armies, they will live on long after the Rasha are dead.

May those who have attacked these good, brave and noble people be cursed. May they live in pain throughout their remaining days; may their nights be haunted with nightmares of what they have done. Let G-d’s curse linger throughout their generations for what they have unleashed upon the real Jewish people.

As HaShem promised Abraham and Moshe: "I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you." Who more than Sharon and Deputy Prime Minister Shimon Peres has tried to curse those pioneers and de-Judaize the nation of Israel.

In the end, it will be Sharon and the evil that has gathered under his command, sometimes called Leftists, who will be cursed. The Bush Dynasty also will and has bought a curse on innocent Americans because of his unholy alliance with the pagans of Islam.

We have only begun to see the hand of HaShem in the retribution that has been long in coming. The scientists will seek to explain why the storms pound; the waters flood or the fields bake to stone in drought; the rains come in cloud-bursts. Why the tectonic plates grind past each other, leaving cities leveled in each tremor but, know that only HaShem moves nature for or against.

We see plagues of incurable Aides, while the plague of Islam spreads to those nations who have assisted Islamists to settle in their midst, only to be bitten by this viperous people.

The Settlers of Gush Katif and YESHA (Yehuda, Shomron and Gaza) marched, along with many ‘inside’ the "Green Line". Their supporters and the Settlers in YESHA became separate as a higher level of Jewish civilization. Those left behind have accepted the scurrilous Sharon and Peres as their guides and models but, must accept their end as did Korach. While they all were a so-called majority, they betrayed the Jewish people and must accept what the Muslims will do to them.