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"For Zion's sake I shall not hold my peace, And for Jerusalem's sake I shall not rest."

by Bernard J. Shapiro
On this Passover (2008) I have many thoughts and reflections. Some might be of interest to you. There are three special Holy Days in Judaism that deal with the salvation and liberation of the Jewish People. We just celebrated Purim and read how Esther was able to save our people from the evil Hamen. Rabbis for thousands of years have foretold that Hamens will arise in every generation to destroy us. Unfortunately they have been correct.
At Passover we re-live the most decisive moment in Jewish history. We were not only liberated from bondage in Egypt, saw G-d\'s miracles, received the Ten Commandments, but were given Eretz Yisrael as a our sacred inheritance.Like many gifts from HaShem, we had to earn it by hard work and many battles against our enemies.
There are three more Israeli National Holidays we celebrate at this time of year, Yom ha-Sho\'ah (Holocaust Remembrance Memorial), Yom ha-Zikkaron (Remembrance Day  for fallen soldiers and terrorist victims) and finally Yom ha-Azma\'ut (Israel Independence Day). They are all related. The Holocaust, though it came half a century after the beginning of modern Zionism, forced the Jewish People to act to fulfill its mission. Unfortunately the Jewish people then went to sleep and is not preparing to prevent the Second Holocaust that is being planned for us by 1.5 billion Muslims. So much for all the Holocaust Museums and the the slogan NEVER AGAIN
The intense anguish and knowledge that without a sovereign Jewish State protected by a Jewish Army, we had NO future in this World. The Hamens like Hitler would rise against us in every country until we were gone. Perhaps some future society would keep a few Jews in a protected ZOO so that the world could study this ancient people and their lost civilization.
Yom ha-Zikkaron is a day we remember the brave IDF soldiers who defended our beloved Israel. And on Israel Independence day we rejoice on the miracle of the Jewish people\'s re-birth in its Holy Land. I am not sure it is fair to ask young Israelis to fight terrorism and capture our enemies only to have them released by successive Israeli governments.
Sadly, it is getting increasingly harder for me to rejoice on Yom ha-Azma\'ut with each passing year. Since 1992, successive Israeli governments have been slowly destroying the foundation of Israeli Independence. The so called "peace process," which we all know is a surrender process to terrorism, is tearing the heart out of Zionism.
I have been criticized for calling Israeli leaders traitors for selling out Israel to its enemies. I not only stand by my statements, but have taken the opportunity to look the definition of treason in the Merriam Webster\'s Collegiate Dictionary. Here it is: "Betrayal of a trust."
Ehud Olmert and Israel\'s previous governments (since 1992) have factually betrayed the Jewish Peoples trust by denying their covenant with G-d. HaShem gave them Eretz Yisrael in perpetuity. He did not give it to Olmert or any coalition of Israeli politicians to dispose of as if it were their own real estate.
DAVID BEN GURION, founding father and first Prime Minister of Israel, had this to say about territorial concessions at the Zionist conference in Basel (Switzerland) in 1939:
"I say from the point of view of realizing Zionism it is better to have immediately a Jewish state, even if it would only be in a part of the western Land of Israel. I prefer this to a continuation of the British the whole of the western Land of Israel. But before clarifying my reasoning, I have to make a remark about principle. If we were offered a Jewish state in the western Land of Israel in return for our relinquishing our historical right over the whole Land of Israel, then I would postpone the state. No Jew has the right to relinquish the right of the Jewish people over the whole Land of Israel. No Jewish body has such authority, not even the whole Jewish people has the authority to waive the right (to the Land of Israel) for future generations for all time."
And now the Olmert and his left wing elites are actively giving away Jerusalem. Is there no end to this treason (no apologies for telling the truth). Friends I have always tried to call things by there correct names. The Freemanlist does not call war- peace, black- white, tyranny -democracy, and certainly not our enemies by the false name of "peace partner."
The bottom line, I will celebrate all the Holy and Holidays, but some with a heavy heart and trepidation about the future.
Bernard J. Shapiro is the Chairman of the Freeman Center Strategic Studies and editor of its publications.