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Condi And Other Foggy Fulminations
by Gerald A. Honigman

     As we approach the 60th anniversary of Israel’s resurrection, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice--true to State Department form--seems intent on reliving the fight Foggy Bottom had with President Harry S. Truman over his supporting that rebirth in the first place. She has had plenty of company over the decades. The Arab oil spigot nourishes well.
     While already having an oil tanker named after her is indeed special, a list of American Foggy Folks (not to mention Presidents and other officials) tied to the Arab petrobuck over the years rivals the name Smith in the phone book. But, “of course,” waving the flag, they did this just for American interests only…so says the Passover Bunny.
     Many have written about James Baker--Bush the 1st’s Secretary of State.
     Among the many gems ( i.e. “f_ _ k the Jews, they don’t vote for us anyway,” etc.) spewing from his mouth, the following is typical of his mindset…
     "Don\'t worry, Jews remember the Holocaust, but they forget insults as soon as they smell cash."
     Recall that this is from the same gentile zillionaire whose law firm represents Saudi ($$$) Arabia against American 9/11 victims (talk about an insult…), whose partner is American Ambassador to the medieval oil monarchy, whose law firm gets rich off of other Arabs who delight in insulting America and beheading Americans, and so forth.
     Now, what’s that about money and insults?
     Back to Condi…
     While Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was still of this world, reliable reports told of Rice screaming demands at his ranch that Jews must provide Arabs with weapons (her “good cop” latter-day Arafatians of Abbas and Fatah, of course), ease up on checkpoints, engage in additional withdrawals, further expose the necks of their innocents, and so forth.
     So, a weakened Sharon and his pathetic successors prostrated themselves and said Amen.
     Israelis were soon murdered because of Rice’s demands…including those recently slaughtered while studying at a Yeshiva. No surprise here.
     And we all know what Israel got as a result of its compete unilateral withdrawal from Gaza…thousands of mortars and rockets causing death and destruction in Israel proper, especially in Sderot. Condi now demands that Tel Aviv, Ben-Gurion International Airport, the Knesset, Jerusalem, Haifa, and so forth be exposed similarly.
     Rice and a President (whom I voted for) whose family is already also tied to Arab oil big time (with the promise of who knows what afterwards--just ask Bush Sr., Carter, and Clinton ) are looking to leave office with Mideast “peace” feathers in their caps…even if they’re ones that Chamberlain would be proud of when he sold out the Czechs at Munich in 1938. The world got massive war anyway.
     And does one really believe that if the Foggy Folks had their way and Israel was never reborn that Arabs and militant Islam would still not have dreams and plans to further the Dar ul-Islam (them) at the expense of the Dar al-Harb (us)? Just ask the Serbs and India for starters…
     Israel thus faces a series of additional demands from Condi (where’s the Israeli leader with his private parts still intact these days?) to soften it up further for President Bush’s scheduled visit in May.
     Despite millions of dollars in American aid already falling into Hamas hands and that, when it comes to the acceptance of Israel as a permanent Jewish neighbor, there is no difference between the Foggy Folks’ alleged Arab good cops and bad cops, here’s a partial list, from DEBKA (a very reliable source) of Condi’s latest dictates…
     “…Israel must lift restrictions on Arab travel from the northern West Bank terrorist stronghold of Jenin--all the way through Jerusalem\'s outskirts to the southern West Bank Tarkumiyeh terminal, the Palestinian Arab entry point from the Gaza Strip.
     Israel\'s top military commanders warned government leaders in the strongest possible terms that the US secretary\'s demands if met would spell the end of their war on terror and expose Jerusalem and other Israeli cities to the waves of suicide killers their systematic efforts had been holding back. The checkpoints were a vital element of this effort. The Jenin-Tarkumiyeh route, they said, was already targeted by terrorists led by Hamas for two-way smuggling between Gaza Strip and the West Bank. Removing all existing controls would give them a direct link.
     The same applied to her second demand for free Arab travel between the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
     Rice\'s third demand was for Israel to let 12,000 Palestinian security officers train in Jordan for duty in all the West Bank\'s towns. This is twenty times the number Israel proposed to allow….”
     Perhaps Baker was correct.
     Perhaps the Jews running Israel’s current show will accept insults, loss of Israeli sovereignty and willingness to do the mere basics which leaders of any nation are supposed to do--defend their citizens as best as possible--in exchange for American aid.
     David Ben-Gurion, Golda Meir, and Menachem Begin, of blessed memory, must all be turning in their graves.
     What other reason could there be for not throwing Rice out of the country on her derriere?
     Insulting, you say? How dare I speak this way!
     I say, that’s far better than what she deserves for what she and her Department have constantly been up to...
    Thousands of innocent Jews have lost their lives and have been maimed because of Foggy schemes shoved down Israel’s throat over the years...especially since the Oslo fiasco. The more Israel caved in, the more it has constantly bled in return. Arabs only interpreted forced Israeli concessions as weakness and learned that they themselves had assorted “protection” against similar American pressure.
     One who demands suicide from another should not be treated gently…and the demands Rice brings to Jews indeed fall into that category given the rejectionist nature of the merely game-playing beast Israel faces. At least Hamas doesn\'t play Fatah\'s games.
     An America, which is 3,000 miles wide and fights wars and has acquired territories and bases thousands of miles away from home in the name of its own national interest, has no right to dictate and demand what a miniscule Israel (which fits 34 times into Bush’s home state of Texas) needs in its own backyard to defend itself against enemies still sworn to its destruction--despite all of the Foggy whitewashing (done frequently for Arafat, by the way) which occurs.
     While America pours hundreds of billions (trillions over time) of dollars and much blood into a venture in Arab democracy in Iraq which will most likely be futile over time (and I supported Saddam‘s overthrow), the Foggy idiots still continue to try to undermine the biggest success story over there--and which it fought Truman about. They’re still fighting Give ‘Em Hell, Harry’s ghost.
     Where are Condi’s demands on her Arab buddies?
     Where’s the demand that daily incitement to kill Jews and destroy the Jewish State in “moderate” Abbas’s school textbooks, mosques, assorted media, and so forth come to a halt before anything else is expected of Israel? That was supposed to happen long ago, but never has and State has never “demanded “ it. Rice warned that she would be monitoring Israel’s acquiescence to her latest demands upon it very closely. Where’s her warnings to her Arab butcher friends?
     Where’s her demand that if Abbas does not take a more active stand to fight terror, American support will be withdrawn? Without Arab terror, Condi won’t have to threaten Israel about checkpoints it needs to protect itself. What’s wrong with this picture…a bit reversed, no?
     Where’s the Foggy Folks demand that Abbas and his Arafatians, Israel’s alleged “peace (of the grave) partners--state loudly and clearly in Arabic that they accept a Jewish Israel as their permanent neighbor before Israel consents to a second, not first, Arab state emerging in 1920’s original Mandatory Palestine…before a newly created (Trans-)Jordan got handed some 80% of that territory?
     Where’s the demand that Abbas’s Fatah finally remove--which it hasn’t--the clauses in its charter calling for Israel’s destruction? Not to mention Hamas--which will probably wind up with all that Israel consents to Fatah anyway.
     Where’s Rice’s demand that Israel receive a fair compromise over disputed territories which UNSC Resolution 242 promised it in the wake of the ‘67 War (which it was forced to fight for its very life), so that it would not be forced to return its 9-mile wide, ’49 armistice line-imposed, rump state, microscopic existence again?
     Where’s the demand that Arabs deal with other Arabs killing Jews not as heroes but as criminals, and that jail time becomes something other than a cruel joke?
     Many other of such demands should be here as well…but don’t hold your breath.
     Is it reasonable for any nation, faced with what Israel daily faces, to cave in to such insulting, condescending, and unreasonable dictates…even if they do, unfortunately, come from a bullying, powerful representative of America?
     In case one needs further convincing, check out some typical findings discovered amongst those whom Condi demands Israel further expose itself to…
    A recent Palestinian Authority--Abbas not Hamas--poll showed that 84 percent of PA Arabs approve of the recent massacre at the Merkaz HaRav Yeshiva in Jerusalem, where eight students were deliberately gunned down and ten wounded.
     Conducted by Ramallah-based Khalil Shikaki, of 1,270 Arabs interviewed, 64 percent supported rocket attacks on Israeli cities and towns launched from Hamas-controlled Gaza.
     In February of 2007, a Near East Consulting (NEC) poll found that 75 percent of PA Arabs (the “moderates”) did not think that Israel has a right to exist.
     While much more could be said about all of this, there’s already enough in this essay to expose the all-too-typical nasty, unreasonable nature of Rice’s State Department expectations placed upon America’s vulnerable friend on the front lines of the battle with both militant Islam--of either the Shi’a or Sunni stripe--and a renascent, imperial Arab mindset which sees virtually the whole region as merely purely Arab patrimony…the Arab-Jew, Arab-Kurd, Arab/Amazigh (Berber), Arab-black African Sudanese, Arab-Copt, Arab/pre-Arab native Lebanese, and other such conflicts summed up in a nutshell. Consent to a state of subjugation and dhimmitude or die.
     Now, before ending, I have a demand…
     I demand that Rice, the Foggy Folks, and my current President read the quotes below from just a few of many other truly great American leaders commenting on what all of the former are now demanding that Israel forfeit its right to…
     President Lyndon Johnson, June 19, 1967, soon after conclusion of the Six Day War:
     A return to the situation on June 4 (the day before outbreak of war) was not a prescription for peace but for renewed hostilities." He then called for new recognized boundaries that would provide security against terror, destruction, and war.
     President Reagan, September 1, 1982:
     In the pre-1967 borders, Israel was barely 10-miles wide...the bulk of Israel\'s population within artillery range of hostile armies. I am not about to ask Israel to live that way again.
     Secretary of State George Shultz , 1988:
     Israel will never negotiate from or return to the 1967 borders.
     The problems and “inconveniences” of everyday life Condi complains about which Arabs face vis-à-vis Israel are of their own making. Again--no terror, no fence, no checkpoints, and so forth.
     Arabs rant and rave because Jews resist marching into the slaughterhouse they have planned for them…a scenario both Condi and Dubya now seem to be a party to. As Harry Truman said, the buck stops here.
     The demands of any such 22nd Arab state must not come at the expense of the security of the sole, miniscule state of the Jews in a land in which they have 4,000 years of history. 
     Most Americans--non-Jews as well as Jews--oppose such lop-sided, anti-Israel American pressure.
     Israel must resist Washington’s current unreasonable demands for it to act insanely--at least until America’s own upcoming Presidential election--and hope that more reasonable voices will once again gain ascendancy.