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"For Zion's sake I shall not hold my peace, And for Jerusalem's sake I shall not rest."



Similarities And Differences

By Bernard J. Shapiro


Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has spoken to his nation many times following the devastating terrorist attacks, bombing and ariel bombardment with missiles and mortars. One would have hoped that Israel\'s leader would have taken the opportunity to inspire his people and bring them together during this difficult time. One would have hoped for a speech worthy of Churchill, rallying the nation to the task of fighting terrorism. Instead we were treated to a rambling, incoherent speech full of defeatism, political venom, and attempts to blame everyone, except himself for the tragedy. Very disturbing was his attempt to blame the Jews of YESHA for the security breach that made possible the bombings in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. It was not a rational speech. Perhaps the stories of his senility are true.


One element of his pitiful diatribe needs special attention. Sharon repeatedly stressed the necessity of separating Arabs from Jews. Over and over he talks about not wanting Jews and Arabs to mix; of building walls of separation between them. Does Sharon not realize that this was the exact policy of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane (May his murder be avenged.)? There is, of course, one big difference between Sharon and Kahane. Kahane was a Jewish leader who cared about Eretz Yisrael and wanted it for the Jewish people. Sharon is the father of the Palestinian State and cares nothing for Judaism or the Land of Israel. Where Kahane would "transfer" Arabs from Israel to make the land safe for Jews, Sharon wants to "transfer" Jews from Israel to curry favor with his terrorist partners and Jew-killers in the Palestinian Authority. Sharon wants to make Palestine completely Jew-free which is also the goal of the Palestine Liberation Organization.


Kahane was made an outlaw by the political establishment for views, which in comparison to Sharon’s, appear rational, Zionist, and patriotic. How does Sharon plan to keep Jews and Arabs separate in Jerusalem and still keep the city unified under Israeli sovereignty. Perhaps this speeches by Sharon and Ehuh Olmert are "trial balloons" to test the idea of dividing Jerusalem. What about the 300,000 Arabs of the Galilee? By Sharon’s logic we must give this territory to the emerging nation of Palestine. What about the Negev? Haifa? Jaffa? Jews and Arabs live mixed all over Israel. What we can demand is that those who are not prepared to live in peace with their Jewish neighbors, be transferred to someplace across the border.


The decision as to who should be transferred should be based on what promotes Israel\'s security and what furthers the Zionist and Torah goal of settling the Land. Decisions about Israel\'s future and its borders should not be made by a left-wing secularist who cares nothing about either Zionism or Judaism.


We must say NO to Sharon. And we must say it so loud that the earth will tremble under his feet and the heavens will hear our prayers.